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QuickChat and WebRTC
November 12, 2013

I’ve been working on a personal project called QuickChat for the past several weeks. A large part of the project uses WebRTC. It’s...

Building a Realtime Messaging Platform with Erlang
April 21, 2013

Recently at work, we launched a realtime messaging feature. We used Erlang to build a central part of this feature's server...

A New Blog!
December 03, 2012

Recently, I decided to move a new blogging setup. Previously, I used a self-hosted Wordpress install, then a custom Django app, and...

Using Cython for Great Speedups
May 03, 2012

About Cython Python is a great dynamic language; it provides layers of abstractions (dynamic typing and memory management to name...

Building a Django Session Backend using Riak
July 03, 2011

Introduction At MochiMedia we use 'Django in non-standard ways'. One of the non-standard things we do is use a Django custom...