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Learning and using Erlang

May 15, 2013

Recently, I built an Erlang-based realtime messaging platform at work. This post goes into detail about Erlang’s strengths, allowing you to consider using it to build your next server or platform. It also provides some resources to help you get started with Erlang.

Why Erlang

Let’s look at some important requirements of building a realtime messaging server (or generally any highly concurrent server):

How Erlang meets these requirements:

I could have built a realtime messaging platform using other technologies but inevitably I would have needed to build a lot of the facilities Erlang already provides.

If your next project needs to meet any or all of the requirements above, you should strongly consider using Erlang.

Erlang Learning Resources

Let’s say you commit to using Erlang for your next project but may not be familiar enough with it. Here are some good resources to start with; many of which I still use:

Useful Erlang Projects

These are very useful Erlang open source projects which I used in building the aforementioned messaging platform. Folsom and Lager were particularly invaluable.

Other Resources

Here are some other useful resources:

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